About Us

About Us

Pacific Aviation Holdings was founded in 2010, with the intent to provide Aircraft Management and Acquisition support for Gulfstream Owners, Buyers and Sellers. A Gulfstream Jet is a complicated, multilayered proposition. Because of the size of the aircraft, the cost of ownership can easily swing several hundred thousand dollars in either direction.

The three types of services that Pacific Aviation Holdings provides to its clients are as follows;

Management Services Provided to Existing Gulfstream Owners:

An Aircraft owner is typically in one of 3 fairly common positions;

  • The aircraft is for private use only, and has a flight department in place.
  • The aircraft is placed with a Charter Operator, being flown and managed by the Charter Operator.
  • The Aircraft is parked and in Financial Distress, costing the owner, what is usually an unseen, $25,000 per month minimum just sitting and not being flown.

When I ask clients about who is providing oversight to any of the three positions listed above, the response is almost always “My Flight Department” or “The Charter Operator flying the aircraft.” Both of these entities in their respective position have “skin in the game” at some level and are not 100% disinterested parties. Additionally, rarely do Flight Department personnel, or Charter Departments have the experience that comes from owning an aircraft. Pacific Aviation Holdings has owned 9 aircraft over the last 25 years. Without this benefit of ownership experience, Aircraft Owner’s dollars can simply fly out the door, making the cost of Aircraft Ownership and Operation multiply two to four fold in increased expenses. Without any oversight, sometimes these increased expenses are never noticed and digested as “I guess that’s what it cost…”.

The power of actions taken before, during and after a maintenance event can translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings to our clients.

The power of auditing an aircrafts historical operating expenses can translate to forward looking operational guidance that can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Clients Purchasing a Gulfstream Jet:

We assist clients searching through the available aircraft for sale, both on market and off market. The key to a successful aircraft purchase is the pre-purchase inspection. This is a crucial, in-depth step in the purchase process that can take up to 6 full weeks to complete in the case of a heavy jet purchase. How the pre-purchase inspection is managed, can set the tone of ownership for the buyer for the entire time that the new buyer owns the aircraft.  A single mistake in the pre-purchase process can cost our client hundreds of thousands of dollars and what could be incalculable aircraft down time. Pacific Aviation Holdings will be working lock step with the Aircraft Maintenance Vendor conducting the pre-purchase inspection to ensure that nothing is missed in the pre-buy.

Once the acquisition is complete, post sale services are offered depending on which position the owner ends up in as outlined above.

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Clients Selling a Gulfstream Jet:

We assist clients in the listing, pre-sale, and post-sale transactions involved in the successful aircraft disposal.

Pacific Aviation Holdings has over 20 years of Gulfstream specific experience and strives to provide the best service to our clients, while preventing them from the many expensive pitfalls that can be encountered in the ownership of a Gulfstream.

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