Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management

PAH Qualifications

Pacific Aviation Holdings has over 25 years of experience in the aircraft industry, with an emphasis of Gulfstream Heavy Jet Experience.  We have been involved in the purchase and sales of many aircraft, and providing Gulfstream Maintenance management and owner oversight for many years.

Pacific Aviation Holdings will be one of the many tools in your inventory, becoming your turn key solution for Aircraft management.


Part 91 Aircraft Management

The cost of a full flight department can be staggering. Pacific Aviation Holdings provides complete turn key, outsourced aircraft management for both Part 91, and Part 135 aircraft.  The safe, cost managed operation and handling of all aspects of your personal/business flying is our mission by definition. We handle all aspects of operating the aircraft, including aircraft crewing, aircraft insurance, crew training, and aircraft maintenance.

Part 135 Charter Placement

Is your aircraft sitting at some airport costing upwards of $60,000 a month in debt, insurance and maintenance?

The daily maintenance cost of a Gulfstream GIV or GV sitting on the ramp not flying can be as much as $25,000.00 a month just in in calendar engine costs alone. You’re still accruing other maintenance costs for the rest of the airplane while it sits.

Lease your Aircraft

If you do not want to deal with the monthly hassles and required oversight of keeping your Gulfstream working, we will lease your GIV or GV with guaranteed income.

Please see our lease program page for details on what a parked (or Non-Performing) GIV/GV can cost you, and how you can turn that Non-Preforming asset into a positively cash flowing asset.

Charter Management Oversight

As the aircraft owner who has placed your aircraft with busy charter operator, you and your team could be handed $100,000 dollars in fuel bills, and another $100,000 dollars in maintenance bills in a single month.

How often are audits and reviews done of flight time billing, international and domestic fuel billing, and maintenance billings?

A single mistake in billings of this magnitude can result in a $15,000 (one single erroneously billed fueling) dollar a month error. $15,000 dollars x 12 months a year could be costing you $180,000 dollars a year.

No one is perfect.  Mistakes can be made.

Aircraft Maintenance, and Operational Review & Analysis

As an aircraft owner, hopefully, your team is diligently overseeing the maintenance, maintenance billing and the overall condition of your aircraft. The question becomes, who is overseeing them? How often are flight department reviews and audits conducted?  Your team is only human, and they most likely have multiple priorities.  With PAH as a second layer of oversight, tasked only with the oversight of examining your aircraft & flight department’s operations, your chances increase exponentially of finding issues within the operation can be refined. This type of refinement & Improvement will result in both significant cost savings, and operational (Cost Saving) improvements.

When flight departments get busy, or heavy maintenance has been done, the aircraft owner can receive bills as high as $250,000.00 in fuel, maintenance and operational costs.  Someone has to take the time to show up on site during maintenance events, go through these bills in great detail for both accuracy, and accountability.  PAH knows what should have been done, and how it should have been done.

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