Lease us your Aircraft
Right Now, Today!

Get your Gulfstream put to work, and generating cash, today.

If you do not want to deal with the monthly, ongoing hassles and the required oversight of making sure your aircraft is costing you as little as possible, we will lease your GIV or GV from you with guaranteed fixes, monthly income. The monthly cost of your Gulfstream to sit and not be flown looks something like this:

Total Monthly Costs for Non-Operational GIV

Insurance $4,000.00
Maintenance/Programs/Subscriptions $7,500
Debt/Capital Costs ($9M) $35,000.00
Local Taxes $5500.00
Ramp/Parking $3,500.00 possibly up to $8,000.00
RRCC Engine Program $25,000.00

That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $60,000 to $70,000 a month.

We can turn that negative number into a positive number and start cash flowing your Gulfstream today. We can also work with your aircraft lender if the aircraft is in loan jeopardy or default to get your loan current and prevent any further action by your lender.  We can prevent repossession.

If you feel like the aircraft needs too much work or has some catching up to do on maintenance we can also help you get it back into Airworthy condition.

GIV Lease Income Package

$50,000 Month Guaranteed Rent ($600,000 Annually)
$25,000+- Average Monthly Reserves Payment ($) to cover operational reserves.

The bottom line is, we will take your cash draining asset and turn it into a profit center.

Please take a look at our Lease Program Brochure, and give us a call today to discuss putting your Gulfstream to work. Hand the headaches over to us, and we’ll start handing the checks over to you!