Selling Your Aircraft

Selling Your Aircraft

An aircraft sales cycle can take anywhere from 2 months to a whole year, depending on market conditions, demand, the condition and pricing of your aircraft.

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It not uncommon for a selling broker to field several phone calls a day, each with different questions and requests for varying types of information about the aircraft for sale. Most aircraft owners are not aircraft experts, and it takes an expert to properly discuss and position your aircraft to get it sold. Your selling broker needs to be the one phone call that can answer all the questions, and be able to respond to specific information requests on the aircraft, its components and systems, and their status.

PAH will put together a comprehensive marketing plan on your aircraft listing. This will be done through email campaigns, custom brochure development, and web marketplace listings that will get your aircraft maximum market saturation.

PAH will protect & represent your interest during the entire transaction. One of the most critical steps in the selling process is the prebuy inspection. It’s very important to ensure that your aircraft is evaluated both properly and fairly, and that you are not pressed into performing any unnecessary aircraft maintenance or upgrades. We will ensure that your aircraft is well prepared to enter into a prebuy inspection. The more preparation that goes into an aircraft prior to the prebuy inspection, the smoother the prebuy inspection goes. The smoother the prebuy goes, the more confidence your buyer develops in the transaction.

PAH Aircraft Brokerage services are completely turnkey. We’ll handle every aspect of the sale, all the way to the close. You can sit back, relax, and wait for your wire transfer out of the closing escrow.

Very much like the aircraft purchase cycle, you must have your tax plan in place early in the aircraft sales cycle, well prior to the closing of the aircraft sale. Depending on your basis in the aircraft, you could be looking at a significant depreciation recapture.

PAH works directly with TVPX for all Aircraft 1031 Exchanges. The IRS tax code for 1031 exchanges provides for both “FORWARD” and “REVERSE” 1031 exchanges. Either one of these options could help prevent a significant tax hit when you sell your aircraft.

Please give us a call today to discuss your aircraft sale.

You could end up with a free sample audit to make sure you’re aircraft is ready to sell!